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Online Sales Jump 47% for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Online Sales Jump 47% for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The combined results of Black Friday and Cyber Monday for 2009 exceed sales from last year by 47% according to Retail Decisions. Black Friday performed better with $3.1 billion in sales which is an increase of 52%. Cyber Monday saw sales of $2.2 billion which is 35% better than last year. The good sales on Black Friday related to the heavy discounting that occurred on the day.

The top performing products online for the two day period included the TomTom GPS, Kodak Digital Cameras, Nintendo Wii, Ice Age 3, and Sony Digital Cameras. Some products popular as frauds included virtual gift cards, XBox 360, Nintendo Wii, and the Call of Duty XBox game.

The Ultimate Steal: Windows 7 and Microsoft Office

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The Ultimate Steal: Windows 7 and Microsoft Office

Currently enrolled students have the opportunity to purchase Microsoft products Windows 7 and MS Office at great low prices. Weather enrolled full-time or part-time you can get these brand new Microsoft software products at lower prices than available anywhere else utilizing the Ultimate Steal program. Windows 7 Professional Upgrade is available for $39.99 while Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 is available for $64.00.

Use your college email account to be eligible for this Ultimate Steal. When you click “Buy Now” from the “additional products” menu on the Ultimate Steal Microsoft page, you will be sent an email with a link to the location you can purchase these two products at great discount prices. This new program is an upgrade to a previous Ultimate Steal program that Microsoft launched prior to the release of Windows 7. Digital downloads are available at the prices listed above while DVDs are available for an additional $13.00 shipping and handling charge.

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Secure USB Flash Drives from Kingston

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Secure USB Flash Drives from Kingston

Kingston Digital has announced the release of a secure set of USB Flash Drives at affordable prices that every business can afford. The DataTraveler Locker+ provides password protection and encryption of data on drives that range from 4 GB to 32 GB. Remember when flash drives were in the MB ranges, memory has consistently become more affordable.

The encryption used for the devices is 256-bit AES encryption. A complex password provides access to the data on the drive for ease of use for consumers. Prices are in the range of $36 to $200. With the 4 GB costing $36 and the high-end 32 GB drive costing $200. All the devices come with a 5 year warranty and customer support.

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Online Movies and TV Shows a Big Hit


Online Movies and TV Shows a Big Hit

According to a recent study from Parks Associate and the Broadband, Communications, and Entertainment Bundles, viewership of online full-length content doubled over the last year. Households continue to watch more movies and even move television programs as catching up on missed shows or finding better times to watch programs through online portals has become increasingly popular.

The numbers are astounding if you are still connected to the Internet through a dial-up connection or are not participating in the content viewing that is happening. But 25 million US homes are watching television content through their broadband connections on their computers. While 20 millions US homes are watching movies in the same fashion. The aliens from commercials have taken over the world. Sponsors H1N1 Online Chat

FeelingFlu Sponsors H1N1 Online Chat

Medical Professionals will be providing straight forward answers to anyone that joins an online chat November 5th hosted by Dr Allan Greene will be answering questions during the “Get the Facts about Swine Flu” chat tomorrow. With many worried that they are unable to get the vaccine and still wanting to protect themselves and their families, this chat is designed to provide the answers.

Dr Greene, a pediatrician, wants to dispel the false rumors that have circulated on the Internet. From what causes the flu to how it spreads and the symptoms of the N1H1 virus. He plans to discuss who to protect yourself from the virus, what to do if someone in your family contracts the flu, and containing the spread of the flu; all during his chat on the 5th.

Taking Online Dating to a New Level with Clicck

Taking Online Dating to a New Level with Clicck

On October 11, Clicck technology brought a whole way to find compatible singles to the online community. Using facial recognition software, singles can now select certain facial features that they prefer and then search current online profiles for individuals with similar facial features. The user tags an online photo and is prompted to tell the software why they prefer the photo. These preferences are stored and used during future searches.

The company strived to bring this technology online as an alternative to the popular eHarmony model which matches individuals on personality and character traits and not to such a large extent on physical attributes. If you visit the Clicck site you will notice that their primary audience is the gay community. But the company plans to expand to include all groups. FREE Profile!

PandaLabs Releases Numbers for Virus Victims

Total Security 2009.png

PandaLabs Releases Numbers for Virus Victims

Panda Security’s malware analysis have releases information about new rouge-ware programs that appear to be antivirus applications but actually hijack your computer and steal your data files. Cyber criminals are using viruses to hijack your computer (ransom-ware) until you purchase their “anti-viral” software which unlocks the system for normal use again according to the security firm.

Total Security 2009 is the anti-viral/ransom-ware application that is being sold to release the systems. It costs victims $79.95 as a one time fee with an additional tech support plan available. PandaLabs is now releasing the serial numbers that Total Security 2009 sells to victims and has also released a video describing the scam. They have also released a report on the lucrative business of rouge-ware. Jumps the Gun on Black Friday

logo_breast-cancer Jumps the Gun on Black Friday, a coupon and shopping deal site, has begun the holiday shopping season early with their listing ad of Black Friday deals. The company is optimistic about the holiday shopping season with the economy recovering and personal incomes improving over the recent months. Today marks 50 days to the famous shopping day after Thanksgiving, so it’s a great time to start advertising.

Shopping codes and a countdown counter add to the excitement the website is creating around the start of the holiday shopping period. The also features deals from over 2,000 merchants and tips from nearly 1/4 of a million users. At times the forums get a little aggressive with helpful information for shopping which has led to some merchants to ask for material to be removed. So keep in touch will other bargain hunters this season as you shop for your family and loved ones.

New Sony PlayStation Portable Available Today

PSPgo From Sony

New Sony PlayStation Portable Available Today

For all those waiting for the new Sony PlayStation Portable, today is the day of the latest release. The go system is available in North American for $249. The new go system is designed to not only provide the best gaming experience available in a portable device but to also offer many entertainment options.

All the new UMD games will also be available for the PSPgo. Gran Turismo and MotoStorm are two of the new available right away for the device. PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe is available from the Network Exclusives. Plus minis (bit-size games), UMD legacy titles, PSone Classics, and Videos. Over 2,000 movies and over 13,000 television shows are now available to be watched on the device.


Get a 7-Day Free Trial to FunPass. Reaches Out On New TV Schedules Movie.jpg Reaches Out On New TV Schedules has all the programming and extras you could want now that the fall schedule is coming out on television here in North America. And the company is turning up their marketing efforts to get out the word about their 10,000 hours of online television programming in addition to their extra features like chats, blogs, photos, directories and more. Fancast goes up against Hulu this season which had a big push over the past 6 months to gain new viewers. Fancast feels they offer a great mix of features and television online for fans to catch the episodes they missed last night.

Starting today they have recaps of popular shows like NCIS, CSI: Miami, Glee, How I met your Mother, and Gilligan’s Island. CBS is a content partner with the site which explains the number of shows from CBS that find their way to Take a look at the site today and keep your eyes open for their new ads appearing offline everywhere.




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