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Ultimate Steal Promotion Gives Away Microsoft Software

by Steve Patterson on Wednesday, March 25, 2009 8:36 PM


Ultimate Steal Promotion Gives Away Microsoft Software

Today Microsoft kicked off their Ultimate Steal Promotion for students at the largest US Black Colleges and Hispanic student organizations at universities across the country.  Students in these select groups can download the complete Ultimate 2007 Office Suite for a small fee of $59.95 which is roughly a 91% discount on the normal price of the top selling Microsoft software package.

Students Use the Tools Extensively

Microsoft is proud of the benefits students achieve by using their office suite for higher education purposes. Students use the software for organizing their work load, making presentations, and managing class projects. Microsoft also feels the exposure to their common business tools will give students a step-up when applying for business careers after graduation.

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10 comment(s) so far...

Anonymous 3/31/2009

Sounds like a really good deal although I am not sure why they limit to certain groups. Seems like discrimination.

Anonymous 4/1/2009

I know as a student you can already get really good discounts on Microsoft software. So increasing the discount for certain groups isn't such a large benefit.

Anonymous 4/15/2009

I could have done with this when I was at university.<br><br>I don't hold it against these guys though, it can be tough financially getting through uni.

Anonymous 4/15/2009

Lucky people!

Anonymous 8/3/2009

I was just thinking about Ultimate Steal Promotion Gives Away Microsoft and you've really helped out. Thanks!<br>

Anonymous 8/31/2009

This promotion is not just for people of color or ethnic colleges. I am attending the University of Phoenix Online and received this wonderful offer. When I bought my computer, it had that free office software and it sucked. File conversions weren't possible etc. When I enrolled in college I was told I could download MS Office for $60.00. WOW, what an ultimate steal!!!

Anonymous 9/10/2009

I was just thinking about Ultimate Steal Promotion Gives Away Microsoft Software and you've really helped out. Thanks!<br>

Anonymous 7/9/2010

Microsoft are trying to take the lead back from apple... we have to wait and see

Anonymous 7/22/2010

Your website is excellent , i have been looking for this information.<br />

Anonymous 8/25/2010

Wow, that's pretty cool. Who doesn't like free software?

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