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NADA Asks for Cash for Clunkers Extension

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NADA Asks for Cash for Clunkers Extension

Auto Dealers across the US are working overtime to submit paperwork to the federal government to get rebate money for their clients prior to the new deadline of Monday night this coming week. Computer issues are delaying some of the processing leading to the extension requests.

The National Automotive Dealers Association is now hoping that applications received up and until August 31st will be accepted by the government for cars traded in prior to the August 24th 8 pm deadline. The president has promised that every dealership that takes in a Cash for Clunkers automobile will be credited for the trade. Some dealers have ended the program early themselves as government reimbursement has been slow. Providing Production for One Screenplay

varsitypictures Providing Production for One Screenplay

The website is beginning their first online competition to win a movie production deal according to a release today. Film makers and screenwriters are encourage to submit their material to prior to September 15th for consideration. Visitors of the site will then make selections of their favorite pieces. The top 10 will be judged by a panel of top industry experts with the winner going into production.

The company has secured the services of some of the industries top talent to judge the competition. There are three potential partners of the competition that will have the opportunity to bring the work to production at the conclusion. Offers Widget called Shoplication Offers Widget called Shoplication

If you like shopping with friends and take advice from experts when making purchases then has a feature that could encourage additional buying for retailers that place a new widget on their sites. Shoplication allows retailers an interface for shoppers to share their product finds across a network of retailers.

The social widget allows shoppers to share their shopping ideals with others, mimicking the interaction of friends shopping in a mall. And according to research from Nielson, October 2007, 78% of respondents found recommendations from others more credible. Like Digg, but for shoppers, friends can share their shopping ideals in real time and show their interest in other’s ideals.

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The June winner of’s Family Bailout contest was announced today according to a press release from the company. Dominique Dent will get $10,000 paid to one of his creditors of his choice. He is a customer of in addition to being a college student and a Katrina survivor.

Dent is planning to help his mother pay her bills and recover from their displacement due to the Katrina disaster. Over 250,000 people applied to win for the month of June by entering online. No purchase is required from the company to be entered into the sweepstakes. Many shoppers do opt-in during the check-out process. Releases Survey Results Releases Survey Results

A survey of 50,000 readers of was taken recently and the results are now being released. In conjunction with this male survey release, Yahoo! Shine is also releasing a female survey conducted recently. The Great Male Survey as it is called hopes to provide insight into the trends that are popular among men between the ages of 18 and 34.

Male Trends

Some trends include men worldwide looking for wife potential in their girlfriends, paying for the majority of the expenses while dating someone and cooking at home. The differences between cultures was also notable as Italian men dress the best, American men are more troubled by living with their girlfriends before marriage, and Americans worried more about the threat of global warming than other popular societies.

Billy Mays Promotes the Jupiter Jack

Jupiter Jack

Billy Mays Promotes the Jupiter Jack

If you live in a state where only hands free driving is allowed, Jupiter Jack may be the solution you need to talk on your cellular phone while driving and stay legal. This device from New Jersey based TELEBrands and promoted by the late Billy Mays utilizes your car’s radio to provide hands free cellular use for a safer drive.

This mobile accessory is designed to work with any car or cell phone. Plug the device into the headphones jack of your cell phone then tune your radio to 99.3 FM and you can begin to talk hands free. Sorry to all broadcast stations that operate on 99.3. You hear the person on the other end of your call through your car stereo system. It’s that easy and it is fairly inexpensive.

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ONN offers The Latest Options Information, the Options News Network, is now providing the investment community with the most up to date information on options trading and strategy. In addition you can get options education and expert commentary on targeted option markets.

Mad About Options

Today the online channel is presenting “Mad About Options” with Carrie Long and Jud Pyle. They discuss Jim Cramer’s AT&T Pick and how you can use options to trade this selection. Both bearish and bullish strategies were discussed. So tune in if that is your kind of online content.

eCompliments Holds a $10,000 YouTube Video Contest


eCompliments Holds a $10,000 YouTube Video Contest

People are being encouraged to create a video which compliments a person, a place, or a thing and submit to YouTube for eCompliments $10,000 video contest. You also should submit your entry to [email protected] and once approved according to their rules, your video will join all others at and be voted on by viewers, the company announced in a recent press release.

GO Mobile Browser Ready for Use


GO Mobile Browser Ready for Use in China has made available GO, the latest mobile browser. Being the biggest wireless portal in China allows to run the most promotions and get the largest number of users on a platform quickly making GO a serious competitor shortly after being release, according to a press release today.

Browser Features

The browser is a step forward with a new interface, smooth operation, quick response on WAP sites and personalized information. The interface was provided on a trial basis earlier this year in green but the full release allows for the color to be modified to any variation. You will need to purchase a 3G phone to automatically get the browser installed but can add it to older cell phones if desired. The browser started making money on day one and the company is excited about it’s prospects.

iPhone App At Bat 2009 to have Live MLB


iPhone App At Bat 2009 to have Live MLB will begin streaming live content to iPhone and iPod devices through their app At Bat 2009. This great feature is made possible on phones that have the iPhone OS 3.0 update. Up to two games a day will be available beginning Thursday June 18, 2009.