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4 Things Your Business Needs to Do Right Now to Get Ready for Net Neutrality

net neutrality world logo

net neutrality world logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No matter how you slice it, net neutrality is on the way. Telecommunication companies will try to resist it, consumers will push hard for it, and eventually, in some form, there will be net neutrality. In order to remain competitive in business, companies must be ahead of the curve. The following 4 steps should be taken immediately to ensure that your company is ready for net neutrality.

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Comcast Accused Of Being Behind The Pirate Bay Access Problems

The Pirate Bay logo

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Apparently it seems that Comcast has blocked access to the PirateBay, which is a well known and still defiant bittorent site. There is a battle going on here but for the moment the rules regarding net neutrality still hold. Although as a writer this person does not submit to the iron hand of Comcast, many publications are free to make their strong statements. For example Doug Aamoth claims he is being actively denied as a Comcast subscriber. In Boston where he is located he can not get access to the site.