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Crime and JusticeEntertainment Accounts Hacked and Leaked Online


The dating website has been hacked and over one million users data leaked online according to Forbes. The site that was exclusive for only beautiful people has become the victim of a serious hack. This follows the other unfortunate hack of the cheating website

Not only were names leaked but addresses, sexual preferences, mobile phone numbers, appearance information and income was also a part of the data stolen. The leaked data has been verified to be actual accounts on the site. Those users should not be embarrassed the way dating site hacked accounts in the past were, but having all that personal information out there, can be a concern.

Crime and Justice Financial Site Hacked with Plugin


The financial site was hacked with the use of a  plugin by Chinese hackers. Two security firms are reporting that late last year the financial news site of was infected with a plugin that allowed hackers to gain personal information from financial service workers and defensive employees. A Thought Of The Day widget had malware installed and was able to collect information from any page on the website.

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Who Hacked Sony & the U.S. Senate?

Image representing Sony as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

With the recent hacking of high profile sites like those belonging to the U.S. Senate and Sony, many are confused as to who, exactly, is behind the recent rash of attacks. While the notorious hacking group Anonymous was first implicated, it appears a new group of miscreants has arisen to steal headlines.

Going by the name “LulzSec,” this new group seems to take their mission quite seriously, even though they claim to do it only for the “lulz,” or laughs. The name LulzSec is short for Lulz Security and the group features a logo of a caricature wearing a monocle and top hat, while holding a glass of wine. While the group has been targeting high-profile victims, they seem to take a caviar and lighthearted attitude regarding their exploits. They often poke fun at the vulnerabilities they employ to gain access to sites and tend to leave humorous messages for their victims. Frequently, these messages are accompanied by a crude ASCII portrait of a boat, and their website plays the theme from the television series “The Love Boat.” While the identity of group members is not known, the magnitude of the high-profile attacks seems to confirm that the group is comprised of skilled and knowledgeable individuals.