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All About The Ultimate Steal Windows 7

English: Windows Vista logo.

English: Windows Vista logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All About The Ultimate Steal Windows 7

One of the latest software products from Microsoft Corporation is Windows 7 Professional. This software is quite affordable and will be sold to customers at very low rates. Ultimate Steel is an initiative of Microsoft Corporation. It is a computer program designed by Microsoft that allows students to purchase Microsoft Office products at very cheap rates and low prices. Students looking to make use of this software program need to be registered university or college students with a valid college identity and web identity. The purpose of designing this computer software program is basically to keep students from turning away from their products to free software.

Ultimate steal is open to students with a .edu address. This is confirmation that Microsoft needs to know the buyer is a genuine and legitimate student. The reason this sale is referred to as the ultimate steal windows 7 is because, as an example, regular folks may pay as much as $369 for Office Suite while it costs registered students only $59.95. In the UK, students can purchase the latest Windows 7 for as little as 29.99 Sterling Pounds. These offers are available to students in the UK and the USA. The students will, however, be receiving an upgraded version. This means they will need to have an existing Windows XP or Windows Vista on their computers. This is why this offer is considered a steal.