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One Of The Coolest Text Apps For The iPhone is Typewriter

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Image by kowitz via Flickr

If you are bored with your emails and text messages, it is possible to make them a little more interesting. Typewriter is the name of an iPhone app that does just what its name implies. It types out text messages like in the olden days. Check out this new iPhone app here in this informative article.

Get Back To Your Typing Roots

Some things just get your attention in a good way. The Typewriter iPhone app is one of them. This is an app for those who miss the day of the old "hunt and peck" typewriter with the "ding" at the end of every line. The app imitates those old typewriters of yesteryear with an amazing retro feel to it. It actually has a little more freedom than the typewriters it imitates. The typewriter arm can be placed anywhere on the screen and the typing can begin there.

The Amazing Typewriter App Is Social

The Typewriter iPhone app creates letters with stunning realism. They look just like a typed document from 40 years ago on the screen of the smartphone. The documents are called "cards" within the app itself, perhaps because of the small screen size. Opening up the app reveals what others have been typing. Privacy aside, this is the area where notes can be passed around based on the time of their creation. Editing the cards of other Typewriter iPhone app users is part of this app. It is social in its own little network. The twitter network can also receive updates from this iPhone app.

Have Fun With This iPhone App

This is where it gets fun. Typewriter iPhone app users can put things like, "It takes ____ licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop." and the other app users can download it and modify and share their modified "cards" with others. The app has a small quirk to it. There is no way to erase any words or anything else created with it. What is created is created forever. What can be done is what was done by those in the past on the "real" typewriters. Write something over your mistake. It looks real, just as if a real typewriter had typed over its own work. When done, post your creation in a gallery or online.

Get Ready To Whip Our Your Credit Card

The Typewriter iPhone app is not free. It is two dollars ( $1.99 ) in the Apple iTunes store. It requires iOS 4.0 or later to function.

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