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Get A Megaphone For Your iPhone And Blast Your Music

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Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Some people have really big ideas and the Megaphone is one of them. This is an amplifier for your iPhone that looks just like its name. It should prove to be a nice gift for the holidays. Get a closer look at the megaphone for the iPhone here in this informative article.

Old Meets New With The Megaphone

The Megaphone reminds a person of one of those horns used from days past. It is a simple but powerful artistic statement as well. The iPhone sitting in the top looks out of place for those who are not accustomed to technology. The design is one of quality and good looks. The Megaphone itself is formed out of hand made ceramic with a small three-legged wooden frame to support it. The best part may be that this device is totally passive and uses no energy to work. There are no batteries to install and no wall chargers to hook up. This makes it something of a work of art with aesthetic value to accompany its audio amplification.

This Amplifier Comes In Three Colors

The Megaphone iPhone amplifier is created in white, black and gold. The gold model is the most expensive and goes for €599 Euros ( $810 dollars ). The other two are €399 Euros ( $540 dollars ). The iPhone is connected to the top of the horn by sliding it in. Once it is installed it naturally amplifies the sound coming out of the smartphone. It is not a small sound exiting the Megaphone. This not only makes it perfect for music, but for incoming calls as well. A Megaphone user can be in another room and hear a call come in easily. The design of the frame keeps it off the table to help the sound become even louder.

There Are A Few Negative Points

This is designed by an Italian company and is about as simple a design as possible. The design may be a bit too simple for some. The iPhone can not be charged while it is inside the Megaphone. There is also no way to control volume without taking the iPhone out of the amplifier first. It is also not a small device. It may take up the majority of the space on a small table. The good news is that it is compatible with all the iPhones. It works with all iPhones from the iPhone 2G all the way up to the iPhone 4S. For a bonus, it also works with an iPod Touch.

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