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Tech Glasses Bring Computers Closer Than Ever

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The demand for technology in this day and age is staggering, and it represents one of the largest business sectors on the planet. The drive is always on for greater performance in an ever smaller space, and this development is affecting a whole range of devices, not just the computer. It was only 10 years ago that the webcam, for example, was a bulky device with a 15mm diameter lens that sat on top of your computer like some kind of odd animal. Today, they appear built into everything, and have decreased in size to only a few millimeters, whilst improving in quality. The range of objects that have electronic technology built in is quite wide today, and includes glasses, clothing and even sleeping bags. However, the glasses sector has seen a the most interest out of these areas, as the miniaturization of technology has helped them fit more and more into the lenses and arms of the glasses without compromising the function. Here are some of the most interesting models on the market, as well as a few yet to make it:

Lumus LOE
When first released, these glasses represented a huge leap in technology, as they managed to so effortlessly integrate so many functions. They are essentially a mobile computer with a transparent display over the lens, allowing a whole host of information to be displayed with a lens you can still see through. It has wireless internet, GPS, email and text messaging and a load of other functions to play with, so you better get used to concentrating on two things!
Apple had a patent for a similar system granted way back in 1998, so it's something they have had in their collective pocket for a long time, but apparently never pushed past the concept stage.

Solar Sunglasses
Another concept here, but one that sadly never came to market. These employ clever technology to create transparent photovoltaic cells which were made into lenses. These both shield you eyes from the sun and collect electricity. This is then stored via a compact battery pack or used to charge a range of portable devices.

ZionEyez Social Glasses
As social media becomes more and more a part of our lives, the volume of user generated content has skyrocketed. You can now join in with the ZionEyez sunglasses, as they not only have very cool retro styling but a miniature camera. The 720p HD camera can record directly to the 8Gb internal storage or to flash drives, or alternatively broadcast via wireless or Bluetooth. With the Eyez smartphone app you can stream directly to YouTube and other social media sites.

Vuzix Augmented Reality Glasses
Although this technology is relatively new, someone had to introduce it to a pair of glasses sooner or later. In the same way as it works with current smartphones, the user will look through screens rather than lenses, then cued by certain codes 3D objects or moving models will appear in the users view as if they were right there.

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