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Top Applications For Your iPad!

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Everybody loves the IPad! After all, it has in a way revolutionized our lives! Here are some applications that you must try so that your life becomes easier or you can even try them out for fun!

1.       GoodReader

    Professionals or writers are always hooked to the computer typing away important documents or stories. With GoodReader, it has become easier to edit and review your documents. You can also archive and share the text in an organized manner.

    2.       Flowpaper

      This is a cool application for creative drawing. Due to its interactive features one can make art with individuality and freedom. You can create waves, ripples and different designs thanks to the brushes it offers. Lose yourself in a world of colors and designs with Flowpaper

      3.       Moleskine

        Do you ever wish you could organize your thoughts? Well with Moleskine, you can do it and that too creatively. This application not only allows you to record your thoughts through text but you can also sketch with the application and add images. You can easily do mind-mapping with it without worrying about finding a pen and paper.

        4.       Touch FX

          Not everyone knows how to use Photoshop and add creative effects to pictures. With Touch FX, photo-editing becomes easy for anybody. This application comes with many effects such as turning a picture into a cartoon or adding thermal effects. The great thing about the effects is that they are sharp and don’t create any bad alteration.

          5.       Britannica Concise Encyclopedia

            Knowledge is power and with this application you can really gain knowledge in abundance. It has over 25000 brief entries that you can go through at your leisure.

            6.       Star walk

              This application is for star-struck people. Do you ever look at the night sky and wonder what constellation you are staring at? Star Walk will solve your problem. All you need to do is hold up your IPad towards the starry sky and move it. It will then automatically generate the names of stars, planets and even the galaxies you are looking at.

              7.       World Atlas HD

                Learn and explore different countries through satellite and amazing political maps. The superb thing about this map is that you cav zoom in and out to country and street level! A pop-out window provides you with the history and other details about the country you are researching about. 

                8.       The Elements: A visual exploration

                  Do you hate chemistry? Or does your child hate chemistry? With this application you or your child will learn to love chemistry! This application is a combination of amazing graphics, interesting content and live WolframAlpha data.

                  9.       Dragon Dictation

                    Don’t feel like typing? Simply dictate it to your new secretary, ‘Dragon Dictation’! Does it get better than this?

                    10.   Desktop Connect

                      Do you have important information on your Desktop that you can’t part with?  With Desktop Connect you can connect any computer at home to your iPad and run it wirelessly!

                      11.   Instapaper

                        Wish you would read articles or blogs offline? Instapaper converts webpages into offline reading material. Therefore you don’t need to worry about having an internet connection and can read the material any time.

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