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Amazon Wants Android Users as Readers

Kindle Android App

Amazon Wants Android Users as Readers

Amazon today released a Kindle App for Android owners to allow them to access the 600,000+ digital content pieces (e-books) available from Amazon, without owning a Kindle. And the new mobile app provides a feature to sync your Kindle with your Android so you do not lose your place in a book when you switch reading devices. Books are available at discount prices compared to hardcover new releases, often times in the $10 range and free chapters are provided while you make a purchase decision.

This mobile app is similar to other apps developed by Amazon for the iPhone, the iPad, the iPod Touch and the Blackberry. The company believes their Kindle App provides the best reading experience on any digital device. You can download the app for free at System requirements include Android OS 1.6 or better. The company hopes to release broadband content in addition to magazines, newspapers, and blogs on the app at some time in the near future.