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Easily Improve Windows Vista Performance


Easily Improve Windows Vista Performance

According to a recent press release from IObit, there Advanced WindowsCare Personal improves Windows Vista performance with just one click. The free Windows utility does a number of different tasks including fix operating system issues, protect the system, secures user privacy, and tunes Windows. According to the president of IObit, Windows Vista performs poorly on older systems because of its reliance on memory and processing power. Advance WindowsCare allows for much smoother computer usage.

Unlike more complicated and difficult to use solutions, this software performs without much interaction from the user. Bottle-necks, freeze-ups, and spyware are removed seamlessly. Your internet connection speed will also improve, according to the company, with modified network and Windows configuration settings. The software is also compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows XP if you wish to improve the performance of these systems also.

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