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Palm Pre Lacks Apps With Release


Palm Pre Lacks Apps With Release

Palm Pre is set for release today and the success of the new PDA from Palm could rely on the availability of games, applications (apps), and other software add-ons. But the release of Pre comes very few games expect one very popular game from Cellufun called Made Off. Cellufun is one of the largest mobile communities in the world with a number of different social games and over a million users.

Early Adapters Respond

Pre’s built-in web browser will allow all of Cellufun’s social programs and communities to be used from the new mobile device. The partnership of Cellufun and Palm allows early adapters of the new Smartphone to have many features and social opportunities that they would not have previously had. Cellufun had similar early success with the Blackberry when it was in it’s early stages of release.

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