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Skype Offers $5.95 Plan for South American Calls


Skype Offers $5.95 Plan for South American Calls

Many business and individuals are finding out about Skype, a leader in Internet communications, and utilizing their services to save on their monthly phone bills. In a press release today, the company announced unlimited service to a number of South American countries for a low $5.95 a month pricing. Countries include Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Puerto Rico and Argentina. The plan is being marketed to US residents with family members in these countries.

Using Skype

If you are not familiar with Skype, currently owned by eBay, using the service is simple. There is free software available on their main portal that installs on your computer. You will need a microphone and a speaker to make calls with the service. But this all you need once you have an account established. And calls to other Skype members are entirely free. And calls to other numbers are inexpensive compared to current telephone service rates.

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