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Roku And Apple TV Let Consumers Ditch The Cable Bill Once And For All

Back of an Apple TV

Back of an Apple TV (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Roku And Apple TV

For decades, most consumers have only had a limited number of entertainment options - you could watch cable or satellite television, or you could watch movies on your VCR or DVD player.  However, with the rapid growth of streaming media options online, consumers have a nearly unlimited opportunity to get the movies and TV shows they want with out the bulky equipment or high prices of the past.

Nearly ninety percent of homes in the US have some level of cable or satellite subscription service, and the average monthly bill is nearly $90.  But the emergence of streaming media devices such as Apple TV and Roku mean that consumers have access to more television options than ever. 

Both Roku and Apple TV are small devices that plug into your television and use your wireless home network to stream content right to your TV.  After purchasing the device, there are no additional subscription fees to access certain content.  To best take advantage of the device, most consumers add a subscription service such as Hulu or Netflix.  Other streaming options include Amazon TV and Google TV along with other free and paid stations that are being added daily.

One of the benefits of Apple TV and Roku devices that consumers enjoy most is the ability to "rent" new movies through subscription services directly from their television.  Consumers can also purchase movies and store them in a digital cloud service which allows them to access movies and other content not only from their Roku or Apple TV device but from other wireless enabled devices.

Both devices can be purchased online and in some retail stores.  Roku devices range from $50 to $100 on average, and work well with nearly any device.  Apple TV retails for $99 and is preferred by consumers with other Apple devices.  No matter which device you choose, these streaming media players mean that you can eliminate your cable bill while still enjoying the entertainment you love.