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Yahoo Ends Work From Home Program

Yahoo! Hack Day

Yahoo! Hack Day (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

Yahoo Ends Work From Home Program

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer recently ended the companies work-from-home program requiring all employees to work in the office or leave the company. Hundreds of employees are to be affected when the program ends. The news has caused an uproar across the business world from plenty of work from home employees who don’t see their status as being less productive but more productive.

The company feels that it needs to end the policy now to create a more innovative atmosphere on campus. Yahoo has struggled and lost tremendous search share to Bing and Google over the years. Since Mayer took the CEO position almost 6 months ago, she has pushed the company to increase innovation, create new products, and improve existing products.

Many agree with the move also, that innovation only happens when colleagues collaborate and improvise in person in the office. And that managing at-home workers is a challenge for management. That a company that needs to reinvent many parts of itself needs enthusiasm and collaboration all day long and even beyond.

The productivity question isn’t solved by bringing workers into the office. Unproductive workers can login/work from any location. In addition, some feel that the company will lose star employees how need to work from home due to special circumstances with their family.

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