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Twitter Updates Vine With Two New Exciting Features


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Twitter Updates Vine With Two New Exciting Features

Vine has taken the social media world by storm, allowing you to bring more than just an image to friends, family or the internet. Now, through the Vine app you can create short six second videos that can be continuous footage or clips, with an easy to use system that allows you to touch and hold the screen while capturing videos.

There have been some interesting updates to Vine lately, including:

Front Camera Shooting
Now, you can turn the camera around on yourself and create videos with a front facing view. This is going to be great to turn the self-picture into something more, with six second videos depicting reactions, messages and even facial expressions.

To switch, there's a small arrow icon that you can press to change the view of the camera. This makes it easy to switch for full recordings but it's also going to be interesting to see the videos that are created back and forth with the different perspectives.

Twitter Style Mentions
Vine has made it even easier to connect with users throughout the app with their inclusion of Twitter style mentions where you can get the attention of a friend or follower by adding the at sign in front of their name. This will in turn tag and mention them in the video, allowing the notification to show up on their own interface. This is a great feature for videos that include more than one person, or videos that showcase friends you want to share it with.

The Twitter style mentions are a great add on, especially if you are sharing the videos on Twitter. It can save the step of tweeting the video to the person that you would like to see it and just allow you to mention them in the information used at the time the video is made.

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