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Amazon's New Kindle Fire HDX

Kindle 2.0

Kindle 2.0 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amazon's New Kindle Fire HDX

24/7 Live Help, A Lighter Design And A Faster Processors Are Just A Few Of The Features You Will Find With Amazon's New Kindle Fire HDX

The Kindle Fire has been one of the major surprises in the tablet market since it was first introduced. It has surpassed sales expectations, and consumers have rushed to get them. Now, Amazon has done it again with the release of the Kindle Fire HDX, which has many improvements. These improvements include a 24/7 live help feature that allows users to get help when they need any time of the day for technical issues.

24/7 tech support is not the only thing that you will get with a new Kindle Fire HDX; it also has a lighter design and improved processing speed. It also has a much better display, which has more colors than almost any other tablet, and it comes in two versions; 7-inch and 8.9-inch. It has more color than the iPad and is perfect for new or experienced users.

The 24/7 help feature for the new Kindle Fire, is called "Mayday" and it allows users to summon on-screen help. The remote tech support can even control the device for troubleshooting.  It can be said, that there is no other tablet available on the market that offers this type of service. It is also a superior device in terms of the tech specs with quad-core processor and has different options for memory, starting at 8 GB.  This is the perfect tablet device for any user, which explains why Amazon's sales of the Kindle Fire HD are at the top of the market. It is sure that sales will continue to grow with the HDX.

Amazon Unveils Kindle Fire HDX with Live Help