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Mobile Chromecast Mirroring On The Way?

Chromecast is active

Chromecast is active (Photo credit: Steven Combs)

Mobile Chromecast Mirroring On The Way?

One of the best features of Google's Chromecast device is the fact that it allows mirroring from computers. In an increasingly mobile world, though, it has become incredibly frustrating to note that Google has not yet opened up the same type of functionality to most smart phones. This unfortunate choice has led Chromecast to cede most of its potential market share to the better-known and better-placed Apple TV, though changes may be coming soon. In fact, some of the code in the Android 4.4.1 update suggests that Google may soon offer support for Chromecast mirroring in all Android devices - a potentially huge move for the search engine giant.

To understand why this is a big deal, you first have to understand what this means for Chromecast. There are millions of Android users, many of whom are patiently waiting for a non-Apple alternative to Apple TV. Once Google unleashes Chromecast and allows for mobile mirroring, a huge potential audience will suddenly be realized. With the hints that are currently available in the code in place, Android users of all stripes suddenly have a reason to be interested in Chromecast.

The current update does not reveal a perfect picture, though. Chromecast only allows "native" browser mirroring, meaning that it will only mirror content from Google's Chrome browser. This does make the device somewhat limited to compared to its competition, but it is a good first step. Once the basics are in place, it seems like the Chromecast device can position itself for a more interesting future.