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Make 1040EZ Filing Even Easier With SnapTax

WFD100: Figure 7.6

WFD100: Figure 7.6 (Photo credit: Rosenfeld Media)

Though spending income returns might be fun, filing for them is all but enjoyable. However, this year, individuals filing a 1040 EZ return have something to smile about. Thanks to TurboTax's SnapTax App, filing has never been easier.

With one simple download of SnapTax, a snapshot of a 2013 W-2 tax form and a few taps, e-filing is done. Yes, it really is that simple. TurboTax really had their thinking cap on when creating the user friendly SnapTax App. Just imagine opening your W-2 and being finished with filing within 30 minutes.

This year TurboTax will likely gain millions of fans due to their effort to make filing easier than ever before. Rightly so, after all who has time to file taxes and keep up with daily life? Each year the number of people that seem to drag their feet when it comes to filing their tax returns continues to grow. This trend may come to an abrupt end when filers learn of the ease in filing through TurboTax's SnapTax App.

Even though filing quite often leads to a handsome refund, many people simply do not have the time to file. The creation of e-filing with TurboTax was a blessing, now it is made even better with the SnapTax App. TurboTax has set this quicker than ever filing system up so that filers only pay when they file.

This means the SnapTax App can be tried for free to determine if it is right for a filers needs. Available for Android and iPhone users, this smartphone App is sure to be a hit in every state. In addition to an already perfect way to file a 1040 EZ form, TurboTax has included the ability to file a state return as well. It can easily be said that the SnapTax App will be giving the competition something to worry about this year.