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Training For Apple Watches Starts On April 24


Beginning on April 24, Apple will offer training for its new Apple watch to potential customers.  These workshops will take place at various Apple stores all over the world.  This should help buyers understand how to use their new watches and encourage additional sales.

You can find out where classes are held by looking at the "Stores" section of the Apple Store app.  This information will also be listed on the websites of the locations that are offering the classes. However, please note that only a few Apple stores will offer these classes. The classes will start every one and a half hours beginning on April 24. They will also be available to customers over the weekend.  Some Apple Store locations will have longer hours to accommodate more customers in higher traffic spots.

If you are interested in attending a class, please make an appointment with a store offering these classes.  You can start making appointments today. However, at this time, Apple is not listing all of the workshops for April 24. So check back if your local store does not currently offer classes.

There are even some Apple stores that will offer more than basic classes for the Apple Watch.  They are also offering a "Stay in Touch with Apple Watch" workshop as well.  Please note that these classes won't be available at all locations.

Since the Apple Watch will be in high demand on April 24, not all customers will get their watches on this day.  However, if you have placed an order for an Apple Watch, you may still attend the Apple Watch classes.  Since only a few customers will have watches on this day, Apple has stopped stressing the date of April 24.  The company is now just saying that the Apple Watch will be here soon. Demand has been much stronger than the company thought it would be when it planned production.

Apple started taking orders for the Apple Watch on April 10 and sold out of the watch within six hours.  None of these watches will offer the anticipated delivery date range of April 24 to May 8.  Orders placed today probably won't ship out until at least the month of June. Keep your fingers crossed and check out a local store for a cool class.

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