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Preview of Google Clips


It is important to understand a few things about Google Clips though this Google Clips review. One thing you should understand is to not use the clip on the back. Even though it is called Google Clips and has a clip on back does not mean it is a good idea to clip it.

The next thing to understand, this is not meant to use and an action camera. If you are looking for an action camera refer to the numerous brands that make them. It is also lacking as a security camera.

What Google Clips is is a smart camera, as per Google themselves. It combines ML and AI to capture little clips in your life that it believes are relevant and might otherwise be difficult to capture with a camera or smartphone. The clips stay on the device until you decide to import them to another device.

It has been designed to maximize simplicity for the user. It has also been designed so that bystanders will recognize it as a camera even if they do not know exactly what it is. You can edit the clips on the device itself. You can also choose to keep the clip as the set of stills, the form in which it is stored. The camera has unique settings that will allow it to recognize and focus in on human faces or four legged friends including cats and dogs. The device charges via the USB-C port located on the bottom of the Google Clips device.

Google Clips Review