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Introducing The HTC Blockchain Phone


The HTC blockchain phone is a work in progress.

Several weeks before its' upcoming flagship statement, HTC recently disclosed another item of hardware. Although the Taiwanese firm has consolidated most of its' mobile products, it said at the 2018 New York Consensus Blockchain event that its' Exodus handset will embrace everyone's favorite technology buzzword.

What is a blockchain phone then? Primarily, these phones are characterized by cryptocurrency support and security. The landing page for HTC Exodus says: "Our aim is to grow the blockchain network by producing the first ever phone centered on security and decentralized applications. Once the HTC Exodus is released, this ambition will be realized".

Ethereum and Bitcoin, along with other cryptocurrencies, will be supported by the Exodus. Secure hardware, decentralized apps and a universal wallet will be used for this purpose. The Next Web reports that HTC has detailed plans to produce a native blockchain ecosystem, whereby Exodus users can trade cryptocurrencies between themselves. Of course, users will have the ability to buy the phone using virtual currency. The release date and price have not been disclosed yet.

Aside from this, there is not much information available, however HTC is obviously aiming to make an impact, because its' numbers have reduced in a declining market for smartphones. Despite the increased publicity surrounding cryptocurrencies though, it is difficult to envisage Exodus having much success.

HTC Blockchain Powered Phone