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Laser Spine Institute Is One Of The Top Work Places

English: T1 weighted sagittal cervical spine M...

English: T1 weighted sagittal cervical spine MRI showing degenerative disc disease, osteophytes, and osteoarthritis of C4-C5 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One Of The Top Work Places

One of the top work places to work at is the Laser Spine Institute. The institute is a good place to go to for neck and open back surgery. They use different procedures in surgery that don't require a lot of down time from the patient. They also specialize in endoscopic spine surgery. They treat problems like spinal stenosis, pinched nerves, degenerative disc disease, and more. The institute has a wonderful group of medical professionals that provide treatment at four surgical centers including; Florida, Philadelphia, Arizona, and Oklahoma City.

Here is some of what the employees at Laser Spine Institute say: It is an excellent company that does 401K plans, they have a medical package that is affordable, it speaks from the heart and does right by the people who work there, and that they also help soldiers with their back problems. One more person said that they are always challenged and that they have great people that they work with.

As for what some of the patients said, one person said that going to the institute has let her enjoy life again. She said the people that work at the Laser Spine Institute are angels. She thinks that the staff is awesome. Another person said that he found the institute to be courteous and helpful. He said that the professional level and the whole process were outstanding and that he looks forward to an improved life. One more person said that the institute was a great experience. He said that they were able to find the pain and that they were able to treat the symptoms.

So as you can see, those who work at the Laser Spine Institute and those who have been treated there, love the company which is why it is one of the top work places.