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Best Online Collaboration Tools

Skype Voice Calls Work on iPad with Everyman H...

Skype Voice Calls Work on iPad with Everyman Headset (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

Best Online Collaboration Tools

If you are looking for the best online collaboration tools, maybe this will help you. These tools are easy to use, simple, and not that expensive. There is Basecamp, Skype, Trello, and

Basecamp is designed for small businesses, entrepreneurs, business groups, and freelancers. The company says it has over 4 million users who have used the program to help them with different projects. The application lets you upload, edit, store, and share files and documents online. It also provides people with an overview of their project schedule and more.

Skype is mainly used for online video conferences. It helps cut down on travel costs and long distance phone calls. Skype is the most used and most convenient. The screen sharing feature on it lets people show others what is on their screen, which is great for making visual presentations.

Trello caters to specific project types. It is simple and is used for smaller group projects or for the individual. It lets people create a project by adding lists and items and assigning people to tasks. The tool provides real time update and progress on the members of the project team. is pretty simple. It enables people to co-edit and view the same documents in real time from anywhere. People can plan projects together and compose documents. The time slider on it allows people to recount earlier edits of the document and edit any other changes made. is easy to use, requires no logging in or signing up, and has a basic service that is free.




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