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YouTube Quality Videos Matter

Oct 17 2012

YouTube Trends Dashboard

YouTube Trends Dashboard (Photo credit: DavidErickson)

YouTube has provided millions of people with a means of reaching out to others and building connections. Sharing a viewpoint on any topic or hobby has enabled these users to build an understanding in ways that were never before possible. When a person gets on YouTube to create videos, it allows them to spread their views and begin securing a following online.

YouTube has also enabled video makers to enjoy financial profits as a result of the videos they place online. Previously, these videos assigned a financial value based on the amount of views they resulted in. However, this is a practice that needs to be altered because of the fact that many people are making low quality videos. A video that is short in duration may only cover a small aspect of the topic. However, this is currently done in order to increase views and make more money as a result.

Additionally, this resulted in many video makers using deceptive titles in order to increase views. The search rankings on time watched changes will fix both of these problems and reward the best video makers.

Instead of paying based on views, it would now be determined by the amount of time watched. As such, video makers are paid based on the ability to create interesting videos. Additionally, this does away with the desire to use titles that are deceptive when it comes to the true content of the video. Online videos have provided millions of video makers with the ability to make some extra money. However, it is ineffective to base pay on the views attached to each video. The search rankings on time watched changes will remedy this situation by paying for videos that are higher in quality. Allow YouTube to help you find a following for quality videos today.