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All In One For The Bride To Be

Matts Wedding Leads Farm 2011022

Matts Wedding Leads Farm 2011022 (Photo credit: srpatterson)

As a bride to be or maid, the to do list quickly becomes overwhelming when planning a wedding. What if there was a site that made every resource available at the touch of a finger? There are plenty of wedding sites that claim to have everything a bride needs to get prepared for her wedding day; however, the extensive amount of details that go into planning a wedding are only addressed on wed space at

This is where brides can read up on top blogs written by wedding professionals, as well as other engaged and married couples. There is a Bridal Guide Daily Tips section; a place one can create a wedding profile and communicate with friends and guests; join a discussion board and post questions or answers to connect with others who are planning their weddings; or browse the latest vendors and styles of bouquets, hairstyles or cakes. At this site, one can create a registry; take advantage of wedding organization tools; and even plan the honeymoon. There really is an abundance of information for any type of need a soon to be bride finds herself needing.

Anything to do with weddings, including the months leading up to the day and the weeks afterwards, is here in one place. Not sure what to do with the wedding dress after the wedding? Interested in ordering thank you cards for guests? Instead of perusing multiple sites that deal with these questions and many more separately, find everything needed in one spot -- at wed space.