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Upgrade An Old PC To Make It Work Like New

The 536,870,912 byte (512×2 20 ) capacity of t...

The 536,870,912 byte (512×2 20 ) capacity of these RAM modules is stated as "512 MB" on the label. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Upgrade An Old PC To Make It Work Like New

Talk to anybody who owns an old PC, and the first thing they will ask you is what parts of PC should I upgrade? The problem with old PCs actually lies in their configuration, because these PCs use old components which only would have been available in the market when these old PCs were assembled. With new innovations taking place with changing times, these Old PCs are soon rendered incompatible with new software and programs that are designed to suit the latest component configurations running in the market. This incompatibility is indeed the prime cause behind the slowing down of older PCs.

So how do you go about increasing the speed of your old PC now? In my opinion, the first place to start would be by increasing the size of RAM. Increasing the RAM size according to the compatibility of your PC's motherboard will definitely speed up your PC. An enhanced amount of RAM will start-up and load programs and games much faster and it won't even cost you a lot if you are running short on your budget.

Installing a video card is also not a very costly option which could help in playing your multimedia files much faster. Another key component that may need replacing is the processor of your PC. But this is a more expensive and complicated option, which should only be taken after proper expert advice is received.




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