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Shocking Statistics About (The Lack of) Business Cyber Security

It is imperative for successful business operations in today’s high-tech corporate world to have adequate cyber security for business computer systems.  The Security and Exchange Commission’s October 2011 Division of Corporation Finance of Disclosure Guidance states that corporate cyber security issues are so serious that public companies are strongly advised to divulge any security weaknesses or past problems with their systems to investors and customers. Conversely, investors should educate themselves about a company’s cyber security record before endowing any capital.

Cyber attack on corporate systems costs billions of dollars a year in lost time, data, and control over computer operations, and even though most companies have full knowledge of these issues, unfortunately, many still don't take adequate measures to address the real security concerns.
This infographic, Veracode's State of Software Security, gives some real shocking statistics about how ill-equipped many companies of today are in the face of cyber security threats.

This Info-graphic was created by Veracode, providers of the world’s leading Application Risk Management Platform. For additional information, visit their website,





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