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Top Software Programs That Kill Your Computer

Image representing AOL as depicted in CrunchBase

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In the world of technology, there are some revolutionary software programs that can offer an easier way of getting certain tasks accomplished. However, there have been some programs that have caused some concerns among users; such as, security issues, malware warnings, and an over load of spam sites. Here are some of the worst software programs that may have resulted in tossing your computer across the room and swearing off technology.

Windows Vista

First off, this software program was just too expensive; $399 dollars for the latest Microsoft software was a huge red flag for users.  IT professionals criticized the program for having “software bloating.”  There were too many code lines in the program that made it run slow, and even the fastest hardware devices could not run Vista when other programs were open at the same time.  Another reason for the downfall of Vista was its incompatibles with other software programs; in fact it broke many programs that were used on Windows XP.

My Way Search Bar

This is a toolbar that will attach itself to the Internet Explorer browser to enhance the users experience on the search engine. The intention was to add certain search functions, collect data from the user’s browsing history, and then have ads tailored to the user. The main problem was that there were too many pop-up ads that could over drive your system, and it was difficult to remove certain functions that automatically attached to spam sites.


Even the name sounds like a farce invention for a movie script; it was a search engine of sorts that tried to introduce a social aspect when surfing the net. The idea was to supersede AOL, and users would have a cartoon-like avatar attached to their account when searching the web.  The main problem was the connection; it is not compatible with many other programs or operating systems.

Internet Explorer 6

In a sense the entire aspect of the Internet Explorer lends a very undesirable taste when searching the net.  This particular version was so matted in pop ups, spammed sites, and unrelated search results that users would have constant problems with malware sites.  A proper search engine should protect the user from unwanted cookies, and any site that will cause harm to their computer.  Internet Explorer 6 appeared to be the window for these particular problems and even the current version still allows undesired results when compared to Fire Fox or Chrome.

Free software sites tend to have the worst reputation for threatening the overall health of computers; the best defense for protecting your computer is to have a top notch antivirus program that will block infectious websites.

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