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Top 10 Entrepreneurs Under 30

Typically, entrepreneurs are thought to belong to the older crowd. It makes sense-- more experience, more time to understand the industry and how it works, more training, more resources and everything else. Younger people looking to get into the business world are typically seen as too inexperienced, too under motivated, and too inept to dip their toes into the pool of entrepreneurship. In spite of this, today's corporate America is seeing a bumper crop of younger men and women in business who are taking their industries by force with wildly successful self-made businesses. Shockingly, some of them have yet to reach the age of 30! With all of the backlash resulting from "Millenials" starting to enter the workforce, you would think that one would be hard-pressed to find anyone in the below-30 crowd that has found success at an early age. However, to the surprise of many, young entrepreneurs like Arash Ferdowski, Soraya Darabi, and Matt Mickiewicz are creating businesses that are raking in millions.

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