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Finding Reviews For A Hosting Service

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The first thing you should never do is trust the review or comment by someone listed on the pages of the site that is being reviewed. That would make sense as it is never going to be that the site will allow anyone who has anything negative to say, to be published on their site. So first rule, is look for independent reviews.

Independent Review

On that same line of reasoning, look for reviews made by people that have nothing to gain directly.  Anytime a person tells you something is great and you should buy it and receives a commission for it, it no longer remains as a review, it becomes a sales document. That is as easy as it gets today.

The best option to get reviews is from sites that arrange the information in a way that is easily found and the information is unbiased. Those in search of reviews should read the unbiased ones then make their own minds up, not let others cajole them into a decision. Typical reviews that arrange these can be found if one were to search for 'hosting reviews' on Google. There are a list of them and some are better done than others. But all do give perspective and insight into what the particular host is like.

Legacy Reviews

When reading the reviews, try to find one that has reviews from some time ago and those that have reviews recently. This gives a temporal flavor to the profile. The whole point of looking at reviews is to remove the hyperbole usually associated with a sales pitch and use what real life experiences customers like yourself have faced.

There are three things you must look for when deciding to trust a set of reviews. First, is the review unbiased? That happens to be the most important question. Second, is the reviewer talking about the subject or is he ranting. Remember some unscrupulous competitors engage in sabotage by commenting against their competition. Always remove the scathing negatives and removing the glowing accolades and focus your attention on what the majority of the reviewers are saying. If everyone keeps saying that customer service is unresponsive and dull, then its probably some truth in it.

Keep looking around for all the different viewpoints and form an impression on your own. Once you have an impression then compare al the ones you shortlisted then go around the forums and give those a try. There are a bunch of forums that have ongoing discussions on a lot of the hosting services. It is also monitored by the hosting companies that take the time to solve issues.

Researcher & writer Johnathan Henery also works with WhoIsHostingThis and appreciates you for reading this article. He likes to think you will find it useful. Our review of one web site host can be seen at the link enclosed.