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Common HP Printer Issues, and How You Can Solve Them

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There is nothing worse than having to print a 40-page document in a hurry before and important meeting and suddenly getting an error message from your HP printer. You do not have to have a doctorate in diagnostic tools to be able to fix your printer in a flash.

In a Paper Jam

The HP 4000 series may occasionally have issues with the pickup rollers, which can cause a paper jam. The rollers are easily accessible though as soon as you open the main cover of your printer and you can remove jammed paper by pulling it in the direction of the print. Switch off the printer at the wall to allow it to reset the printer before starting your print job again.

You also need to be very sure that you are using the correct ink cartridge with your HP printer. One size does not fit all makes and models. Generic cartridges will save you a bit of money up front, but smearing, ghosting and clogging will need some expert help to fix.


HP LaserJet printers – 50.4 Error Message

This is one of the most common error messages with HP Laser Jet printers. This error code means that there is a problem with the power supply to the printer. The most common cause of this is when the printer is plugged into a UPS power source and not directly into a plug point in the wall. If you have an HP Laser Jet printer, you should always plug it into a direct source of power. When you receive the 50.4 error code, you need to completely switch off your printer, disconnect it from the power and then plug it in again and allow it to reboot.


Error Code 79 – HP Networking Problems

Sometimes your HP printer will display the error code 79. This is usually when there is a problem with the network and you are using an HP printer to service a number of computers. To perform a quick fix on this error, without calling your IT department, you need to purge all pending print jobs from the system before rebooting the printer and network. On the start menu of the HP printer, select the printer folder, which will show you all of the pending print jobs. Simply delete all of the jobs and restart the system.


Operating System Errors C-310 HP printer

While many HP printers are ‘plug and play’ there are a couple that need a little help to get going. The most common problem is trying to install a printer to the newer versions of Mac Operating Systems. You can find a list of drivers and installation programs for your HP printer under the system preferences (Scan and Print). When you choose the “plus” icon, you can add your printer to your Mac. All you have to do is reboot your computer, check for any online updates from HP and the printer will be added.

HP Printers are considered the most robust range of printers on the market. Like any technological and mechanical device, though, you need to keep them clean and well cared for to get the best service and use from them.


This list of helpful printer solutions was written by; online suppliers of HP ink cartridges, and printing accessories from other leading brands.




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