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Some Of The Best iPad And iPhone Apps

Nov 23 2011

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There are always new apps coming out for the smartphones and tablets of the world. The iPad and iPhone have some new and cool apps out. Check out some of the best iPhone and iPad apps here in this informative article.

Shortmail Is Short And Social

Some of the new apps that are coming out for the iPhone or iPad are created with new twists on old ideas. One for the iPhone is called "Shortmail". This is based on the twitter idea of having a set amount of characters that are allowed to be sent. With the Shortmail app, the limit is not set at 140 characters, but at 500. That may sound like too few, but it actually gets writers to get to the point quicker when they know they are limited to 500 digits. It then makes it easier to read email as well. The people at Shortmail describe their app as mixing up the best parts of email, twitter and text messaging. They also created it with a social flair. That is, it is possible to share what you write with the world, like twitter. The price is right for the Shortmail app. It is free and works on iProducts with iOS version 5.

Measure Things With Your iPhone Or iPad.

The second on the list of best apps for the iPhone or iPad is called "Acoustic Ruler Pro". It does pretty much what it's name says. It can measure distance. It gained a bit of popularity last week and has impressive standings in the iTunes stores of Finland, Portugal and Germany. It can use one or two iOS devices to operate. When using one, it sends out a sound wave or two and measures when the wave returns. Acoustic Ruler Pro requires a microphone and headphones to work. The accuracy is said to be within an half of an inch or one centimeter. A strange disclaimer is put forth for this app that measures things. There is no guarantee that the measurements this app makes will be correct. Nevertheless, it seems to be accurate enough for most. The price for this iPhone, iPad or iPod app ( it works on all of them ) is ninety nine cents.

Superman Returns To Apple Products

The third best app for the iPhone or iPad is the "Superman" game. Superman flies as usual and saves Metropolis under the command of the player. It has good graphics and works on all the iProducts, including the iPod Touch. The price is ninety nine cents and comes with glowing, "super" reviews.

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