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What Your Website is Missing

Oct 12 2011

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Chances are that unless you hired a web professional with SEO experience, your website is missing essential components. The entire purpose of a website is to establish your online presence in a positive light while increasing your customer base. Whether you’re an alcohol treatment facility or a shoe store, if your website is not doing a good job marketing your business, you’re missing out on easy revenue.

There are certain essential elements to a well-crafted and productive website. Find out what it is, make sure your website has it, and enjoy a more successful business.

Major Pages

There are basic pages that should be included on any website. One of these is the “about us” page. This page is essential for it provides visitors to your site with a line in on what your company is all about, not just your products, but also the impetus behind your site’s existence.

Another important page is the “contact us” page. It does you no good to have an amazing product with an amazing site, and provide visitors with no clear way to get in contact with you.


SEO or search optimized content is something that you hear about all of the time, but few people truly understand its benefits. SEO content is the text of your website written in a way to make it easily discoverable by search engine crawlers. SEO content is also very important for achieving high site ranking.

To avoid having your site buried in the last pages of search results, make sure your webmaster is implementing SEO content targeted towards specific keywords that you believe potential customers or visitors are using when searching for sites like yours.

Social Media Buttons

Your social media presence is key to reaching new customers, interacting with old customers, and maintaining a positive image online. Make it easy for your clients to be able to interact with you by posting large and well designed social media buttons on your website.

Most sites have at least Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and RSS feed buttons, if not more. Make it easy for them to find you and your customer will find you.


Shoving too much information into the pages of your website can make it seem cluttered and overwhelming.  Make sure to balance your text and your design, leaving ample space. This space provides a rest for the eyes and the brain, allowing visitors to process the information on the page. Put the most essential information in text and leave out the minor details that aren’t crucial to a visitor making a decision on whether or not to purchase your product or service.


Every website should have a correlating blog page. Blog posts are not only a great way to keep your site current and updated, but also provide the medium for which to share information across social networks. They can also establish you as experts in your field. Alcohol detox facilities have blogs discussing the newest treatments. Skin care websites offer tips on how to keep you looking your best. Car repair shops have blogs about common repairs and how to tell if your car needs serviced. There’s no reason why you can’t have a blog. Plus, regular posting to your website’s blog can also increase your page rank within Google.

This guest post is brought to you by Shane Jones, who often writes about how to get the most out of your website, whether it’s for alcohol treatment facilities or clothing boutiques.