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Three New and Cool Gadgets

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Whether you talk about kitchen gadgets or gadgets that you use to keep yourself connected and entertained, there is no denying that technology has made life very easy for us. Considering the demand of different gadgets, several big brands are now coming forward to offer more innovatively designed items that may make living easier for people.

Here is a list of some recently introduced tech gadgets that you might want to check out:

Console Cable:

Though it may seem like something you don’t always need, it comes in quite handy on so many occasions. A good choice is to go for the recently introduced console cable by Redpark. This 6-foot long serial cable comes with RJ-45 connector. The interesting thing is that the connector is wired keeping Cisco console port specifications in mind, which is why you can use it to connect an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to the console port on any of your Cisco networking gear. It's commonly used for the "Get Console" application available on App Store.

Olivetti OliPad Android Tablet:

It seems like year 2011 is the year where you will find a majority of users completing the journey from desktop computers to Android tablets. You already have a number of choices, but you should have a look at the recently introduced Olivetti OliPad Android tablet. OliPad 100 is the first Android tablet to come from Olivettin -- an Italian company known for manufacturing high quality color and monochrome printers. With a 10-inch ultra slim touch screen, this tablet is sure to grab your attention. It is basically a TFT-LCD multi-point screen. The tablet is equipped with some other interesting features such as 512MB SLC flash memory, 1 GB DDR2 RAM, and 16 GB iNand storage that you can expand up to 64GB using SD card. The tablet performs very well, thanks to the use of NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual Core Arm Cortex processor and Android Froyo 2.2 operating system. Some additional features include USB port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, SIM card slot, and optical docking station. If these features are not enough to convince you to make a purchase, there are some others as well to give the best value for money. The list includes a 1.3-mp cam, Ly-Polymer battery, light sensor, G-sensor and more.

SuperTooth DISCO:

If you have already purchased your Olivetti OliPad, you may want to invest some money on buying SuperTooth DISCO portable stereo speaker that allows you to stream music from a Bluetooth enabled device such as OliPad. You can also use it with iPad, iPhone as well as other tablets and MP3 players.

These gadgets have already hit the market, so it is time to have a closer look at some of their specifications.

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