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Red Bee Media and Cisco Join Forces in Video Cyberspace

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Red Bee Media and Cisco systems are moving forward with a partnership to deliver online video services and multi-media to consumers , as was announced in their press release this week. They bring together a combination of advanced technological experience from Cisco and the collaborative corporate media skill set from Red Bee Media, the two companies are coming together to advance connectivity of the best digital content to viewers everywhere. The announcement comes as good news for many interested parties from the broadcasting industry, because the collaboration will focus upon online streaming for video players and content media portals for VoD ( video-on-demand).

Broadcasting has been able to make due with the earliest generation of live streaming video options, but at best they were average for what digital media could be. If the consumers accepted this in the past decades, then the new wave of tech savvy customers were not going to be as easily satisfied. The new Internet video landscape is quickly becoming an essential to the advertisers, to the content owners, the creative media services and the broadcasting signal itself. With the HDTV and the DTV transitions that have happened so quick this last two years, it is a wonder that is even evolving.

Red Bee Media has a long reputation as a one of the top management companies for media internationally. The convenience brought about by the partnership with Cisco is only an enhancement to a good thing. Together they bring some of the best talent and leadership that the multimedia arts community could hope to have steering the future of video for the online world.

There will essentially be two new upgraded packages offered to customers for different needs for video and VoD media. One is called the RedPlayer which includes the new RedPlayer Services Portfolio, and the other is Cisco Videoscape Media Suite. These two grouping are part of what is basically RedPlayer with either media or broadcast grade options for actual usage that is realistic.

RedPlayer will be a fit to scale platform for customers that have specific needs and required limitations for content, encryption, security, monetization, and other options. They will be able to use content and choose how flexible their integration by price range. This package offers the basic features that are key from Cisco Videoscape's secondary platform freely included with it as a starter package.

Cisco Videoscape Media Suite is included as part of the fully upgraded RedPlayer Services Portfolio package. It has everything needed for publication, syndication and implementing full end-to-end content management services for providers. This comes with every component for multi-platformed online broadcasting.

These are fully functional with just their software for online TV that is compatible with Macs or PCs.

Online television is a critical application that has been in demand not by the technical community, as much as by average Joe public themselves. Working together is a concept that is relatively lost on the other lament. Willingness not only to worth with the world business climate in a way that your company can be interchangeable and productive, that is an ideology that would serve the modern age well. So you see this in the marriage of these two sides of the force, but then it is evident that neither one is compromising what they believe is the best quality multi-platform services and eventually experience that you can give more details to.

Red Bee Media and Cisco are joining forces to bring consumers a platform better than ever existed, but they both realize with out the resources each lacks individually that need each other to be competitive.

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