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Gadgets & Gizmos That Failed to Launch


Image by gsz via Flickr

Every day hundreds of gadgets and gizmos are invented, but many fail to get past the testing phase or never quite make it to the market. For one reason or another they end up in the 'tech fails' bin never to be heard of or seen again...

Even the 'best' have tech fails! Let’s take a look at a handful of gadgets that never made it past the drawing board:

The Dell 7-Inch tablet with a slide out keyboard

Dell 7-Inch tablet

Dell has really had this old prototype well under wraps; as it has only just recently started causing a stir around the web. However, this slick looking tablet was the inspiration of the Inspiron Duo and sadly won't see the light of day. The 7-Inch hand held tablet has a slide out QWERTY keyboard, which is split and allows you to type with two thumbs. Although a great concept it was ultimately thrown into the 'tech fails' bin but not before some of the elements we're preserved and implemented into the current Inspiron Duo.

If this had been released then it would most certainly have given the likes of Apple and Microsoft a run for their money. Neither of these market leaders has so far released a tablet which includes a split QUERTY keyboard and do not plan on doing so until the release of iOS 5 and windows 8 respectively. Judging by the stir this prototype has caused I think it’s safe to suggest there are a lot of consumers and gadget fans out there who would consider buying something like this. So, who knows, we may see a come-back for this Dell tablet yet.


Apple iBall Digital Camcorder

Apple iBall

With such an insane amount of competition in the market place, creating a camcorder that flies' would have to be something extra special; sadly not even Apple have been able to come up with a winner yet.

Known as the iBall due to its spherical shape and eye inspired design, this stylish yet very simple prototype sported a fold-out LCD screen and ergonomic grip allowing it to be cupped securely in one hand. The most noticeable of features is the non-existing buttons; everything is controlled right on the flip out touch screen!


Apple iPod Watch

Apple iPod Watch

It's very surprising that we haven’t seen this one on the market as it’s a very viable iPod solution for those of us who like to keep our gadgets securely attached to our bodies during exercise etc. It was envisioned by designer Peter Burns as a 10 GB iPod with wireless Bluetooth enabled earphones and would defiantly be one to watch out for in the future.


Imac with a transparent touchscreen

transparent touchscreen

This certainly looks like a gadget geeks dream toy but is probably a little before its time. The futuristic, touch screen transparent 30 inch iMac, designed by Adam Benton, looks like something out of The Minority Report. This is one of Apple’s concepts which has been put onto the back burner rather than the tech fail bin.


Nintendo Game Console

Nintendo Game Console

This 'Advanced Video System’ known as Nintendo 'AVS' was one of Nintendo's first ever concepts originally intended for the North American Market, but it never made it past the drawing board.

Comprising of several components including a joystick, light gun, game pad and wireless infra-red technology, this old console did make a public appearance at the CES in 1985 but was sadly never seen again.

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