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Tagging Pictures On Facebook

May 12 2011

Profile shown on Thefacebook in 2005

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Did you ever feel the need to tag the picture of a coke can which you are holding on your picnic on Facebook? It is now possible to tag the pictures as the social network allows tagging Pages in Facebook photos.

Starting from Wednesday, Pages for Brands & Products as well as People can now be tagged by the users in their Facebook photos.

Instead of the Page’s Wall, the tagged photos will be shown in the Photos tab of a Page, and a page can be tagged by anyone even if the user has not liked it. Photos from the tab can also be disallowed by page admins by going into Edit Page > Posting Options > and unchecking “Users can add photos.”

Facebook assures people who are worried about their privacy that privacy setting will still be applicable. If you want everyone to see your photos, everyone will be able to see the photo and if you set your photos to “only friends”, only your friends will be able to check you pictures.

This move is surely useful to certain brands. For example, if everyone starts tagging themselves wearing Levi’s jeans, all these photos will go in the Levi’s Facebook page resulting in free promotion.

Do you wish to tag brands and celebs in your Facebook pictures?