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Black Friday TV Deals that you Absolutely Cannot Pass Up

Nov 23 2010

LCD Television

Most of the companies have came out with their Black Friday deals already and there are couple interesting LCD and LCD- LED TV deals that my virtual assistant looked up for me .If you are planning to spend $800- $1000 and is looking for quality and price rather than just price, it’s worth to take a look at the below models. I know that some retailers are offering 40-46 inch TV's for less than $400-$500. I can't remember the brand names or retailer names since I wasn't really looking for something like that.

If you are looking for a 46 inch,1080p,120 HZ with good contrast ratio LCD or LED TV, the below deals might be interesting .I was specifically looking for Samsung models because they displayed more picture quality compared to any other brands which were displayed on the retail stores. Couple things to keep in mind

LN- stands for LCD TV’s with CFL backlighting commonly known as LCD TV

UN- stands for LCD TV’s with LED backlighting commonly known as LED TV

None of the TV's listed below has the internet applications like YouTube, Blockbuster etc. - But if you have a Blu-ray player which has the apps (I do) then it’s not a big deal. I didn't really see any good deals below $1000 for an LED TV which has the apps.

If you are looking for a LED TV, Sears is offering the Samsung UN46C6300 LED TV for $999 for Black Friday which normally sells for $1299 sale price. It is a 1080p, 120 HZ LED TV which has pretty good reviews. Best Buy is selling the similar model UN46C6300SFXZA for $999 too and they offer a free Blue ray player with the TV .They both are the same model TV’s. Of course Best buy has the better deal, but the whole point is that all of these stores are going to have limited supply at the store so you should be looking for the store which is closer to you unless you are planning to stand on the queue at 3am in the morning. It also depends on if you already have a Blue ray player or not- If you don't have one, Best Buy will be the store to go to.

If you are looking for a LCD TV, Wal-Mart has the Samsung  LN46C600 for $798 which normally sells for $999 sale price. This TV basically offers the same features as the above mentioned UN46C6300 except it’s a LCD TV not an LED TV. Best Buy also offers the same model LN46C600F3FXZA for $798. If you don't want to spend the additional $200 for the LED backlighting, this might be a better choice for you.

These are the best deals that I have found so far- Thanks to my virtual assistant John, he did save a ton of my time by looking up all the good deals and updating me. I still haven't made up my mind on which one to purchase though. I guess I will wait couple more days and see if anything else comes up. Either way good hunting to all of you and I hope you find what you're looking for!

Stephen has been an expert in the Virtual Assistant and Personal Assistant for the past 4 years and is also the Vice President of Operations for a major Internet company. For more information on how to use an assistant visit one of our websites.