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Internet Today Provides Multiple Links in One Shortened URL

bitly_puffers Provides Multiple Links in One Shortened URL

If you are looking to provide many links to your followers on Twitter or other social networking sites, now provides Bundles. Tweeting a number of photos or YouTube videos to your friends and acquaintances is now simple with the shortener service. Just add more than one link to the standard interface at, click on Shorten, and then click on Bundle and the shortened URL will be a Bundle of URLs.

This feature has been available at a couple other shortening services but, being the most used service on the Internet, provides for more users to now begin to use such features. When you click on a Bundled link you are taken to a preview screen containing headlines, excerpts, videos and photos from the pages linked to. The actual site will now receive a lot more attention with the previews being hosted directly on their domain. has come under some pressure recently with both Google and Facebook developing URL shorteners to be used on their networks. Twitter is also considering such a move which would dramatically reduce the number of links going through the service.