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Internet Awaiting Twitter Announcement

Sep 14 2010


Internet Awaiting Twitter Announcement

Rumors are stirring that one of the advancements that Twitter plans to unveil this afternoon with be inline photos and video. This will be a nice addition that will make video and photo Twitter third party applications unneeded in the future. The feature was made available by mistake back in July to a limited number of users. And some code present on the site today provides for a picture icon when a picture is attached to a tweet. A similar feature is well represented by the options offered by Brizzly.

Anticipated are partnerships with current providers like Brizzly of inline photos and videos to handle the new Twitter features. This is similar to when Twitter released their own Re-Tweet Button and partnered with TweetMeMe to handle the backend. Some are also guessing that the media features will only be available to those that upgrade to a new Twitter Pro account. The event is planned to 7pm ET tonight where the press will get a look at the new features first hand.

Other guesses as to the new features include such things as analytics and advertising. And to go along with the new media options within tweets, many feel that the interface itself will have to be updated. Possibly adding a media tab along with the Home and Profile screens.

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