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Ask America Launches on Yahoo! News

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Ask America Launches on Yahoo! News

Yahoo! News has a new section on their website, “Ask America,” a politic forum and polling site. This site asks the public about political issues that will affect the November midterm elections. These issues vary between immigration, clean energy, outsourcing, the environment and recent disasters, the health bill, the economy, and our national security. It asks users their opinion, and allows them to interact and discuss with other users.

This new site will be updated on a daily basis with political news articles presented by Yahoo! News, with content from Reuters, the Huffington Post, Politico, the Associated Press, and Time. Articles posted on this site will also include the top stories people are searching for in search engines such as Yahoo!

On Ask America, users will first see a wheel of interests, were they can sort through and pick a current subject that interests them. Specific topics include culture and media, the economy, energy and environment, immigration, most popular, national security, state of the union, and the courts. They will be able to turn this wheel to find more subjects within their chosen interest. Once the subject is selected, it will ask a question, which the user answers and then is allowed to discuss with others on their opinion.

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