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Three Lessons Learned Starting a Business

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Three Lessons Learned Starting a Business

Lesson One: The Power of Your Peer Group

During his lifetime, Andrew Carnegie (the world's wealthiest person during his lifetime) said, "No man is smart enough to project his influences very far into the world without the friendly cooperation of other men. Bring this thought home in every way you can for it is sufficient unto itself to open the door to success in the higher brackets of individual achievement."

Hidden in Carnegie's words and example is the real edge that allows some people to out-earn others by a factor of 10,000 to 1. When you have the right peer group around you... supporting you... encouraging you... challenging you... inspiring you... and holding you accountable... then anything becomes possible. And what's more—succeeding financially becomes easy.

Trying to build your business and investments in isolation is always going to be a struggle because alone you are vulnerable and limited. It's only when we're connected with others doing the same work that we can reach our fullest potential.

Take the example of Thomas. When he first came to Maui for a conference he was a VP with a large corporation doing the safe, comfortable thing. But being around the people at Maui really impacted him. Fast forward to this year, his fourth Maui Mastermind Wealth Summit event. He's just raised over $1.1 million of start up capital and is 6 months into the launch of his new business! Without the peer group from Maui he never would have been able to make this leap.

We all need people in our lives who push us to be all that we truly can be.

That's one of the main reasons why so many of the Maui Grads come back to Maui year after year —they've made it a priority to reconnect with their upgraded peer group and immerse themselves in the experience in their presence.

This is what helped another Maui grad Kathleen build a 7-figure residual income stream... Our success is strongly influenced by the level of the other people we consistently spend time with.

This brings me to lesson two...

Lesson Two: The most reliable path to a business or wealth breakthrough is rarely through "hard work".

I'm not saying that building a multimillion dollar business is easy, or that amassing a $10 million net worth doesn't take work. What I am saying is that real breakthroughs rarely come by forcing your way ahead.

The biggest successes I've seen from Maui have come from the small conversations during a meal, or while sitting at the pool, or from a simple idea shared from one of the Maui Advisors or fellow participants.

Take the example of Rob and Patrice—two time Maui Grads who are coming back for their third Maui this year. Rob shared with me that the biggest "aha" he had at Maui last year came out of a lunchtime conversation where someone shared with him a simple observation on his business / life balance that fundamentally altered how he runs his $30+ million company.

The real wealth breakthroughs most often come when we stop pushing so hard at the door of success and instead allow ourselves to be open to other pathways to reach our heart's desire.

This is why so much of the Maui conference is the informal time with your fellow participants in a stunning resort location. Sitting in a workshop is great to learn "content", but content will not give you the biggest breakthroughs, for that you need a combination of three things: the right people, the right environment, and the right formula for mixing and focusing the two. How can I be so confident as I say this? Because after nine annual Maui events we've got the formula down to a science. It just flat out works.

Lesson Three: All change is scary, but the most successful people take action in the presence of their fear.

Take the example of 5-time Maui Grad, Kelly, an ex-cop turned business owner and investor. When Kelly first came to Maui she was scared that she didn't know what to do. Should she keep in her "safe" job with the Los Angeles Police Department or should she go after her dreams. At the time she was $77,000 in credit card debt.

The thing that made the real difference for Kelly was she consistently got herself to take the action she needed despite her fears. She left the police force to launch the first of her two successful businesses (one real estate and one health products). She bought her first apartment building. She launched a health products business. It was her willingness to live with the fear and still find a way forward that changed her life forever.

And the same thing is true for you.

You need to find a way to get yourself to take action in the presence of your fears. This is where your peer group comes into play.

When you're surrounded by an upgraded peer group it's so much easier to hold true to the vision of your dreams. It's almost as if there is a positive peer pressure to live your best self.

It worked for Kelly; it's worked for so many of our other Maui Grads; and it will work for you too.