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YouTube Increases Video Length to 15 Minutes

Aug 01 2010


YouTube Increases Video Length to 15 Minutes

If you have ever felt that the amount of time provided to you by YouTube was just too short, you will be pleased to know that the video-sharing site has announced an increase in the video upload limit from ten minutes to fifteen minutes for non-partners. Whatever you like to film, you will now be able to capture more footage to put online.

You may be wondering why they have added the addition five minutes. Well, on YouTube's blog, the site explains its efforts to beef up the copyright protection tools, i.e. its Content ID system (a tool which enables copyright holders to have much more control over the content they own). As a result, there is a reduction in the likelihood that users can upload significant amounts of TV shows and films without being granted permission.

To celebrate this increase to the video time limit, YouTube has launched a contest entitled "15 Minutes of Fame". All that is required is that you upload a 15 minute video, tag it with the line "yt15minutes" and then upload it by the 4th of August. The winning videos will be shown on YouTube's homepage.

The change in the video time limit has left many wondering what, if any, effect this change is likely to have on initiatives such as YouTube Leanback. Will the extra time equate to improved content or just more time to rant on about Twilight and video games, for example? Let us know what you think!