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Nook Production Increased to Meet Demand

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Nook Production Increased to Meet Demand

Barnes and Noble released the nook eBook reader shortly before the Christmas holiday season began last year and ran out of inventory according to a recent press release. The book seller quickly increased production and by mid-February was delivering new devices to all its stores nationwide. The device competes with the popular Amazon Kindle and several other eBook readers on the market. It is reasonably at $259 compared to more expensive competitor models. 

Based on Google’s Android operating system, news spread quickly that the device could be hacked and used for other purposes. Developers have been producing other software to run on the device now that access to the operating system has been illegally obtained. These additional unwanted features might actually help Barnes and Noble sell more devices in the long run.

In-store Wi-Fi access allows nook owners to browse millions of eBook offerings with relaxing in the chain’s locations. Free in-store content and special offers makes owners of the eBook device want to bring their readers back to the store whenever possible according to the company.

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