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IS Magazine Blog Provides the Best Value Colleges for 2010

logo_site Provides the Best Value Colleges for 2010 is a leader in college scholarship search and has recently presented the top value college selections for 2010. Their investigation has found that many colleges have added to their student aid options in step with the struggles of state of federal economies. Along with The Princeton Review, they looked at 700 different 4 year colleges in the US. They considered academics, costs, and financial aid in their ranking.

The University of Virginia was first among the 700 colleges looked at. Three others were on the list last year and continue to be including Harvard, Florida State and the University of Georgia. Schools that are new to the list in 2010 are the University of Colorado Boulder, MIT, Texas A&M, the University of Oklahoma, Virginia Tech and Wellesley to name a few. Take a look at the complete list.

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