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Deloitte Warns Consumers During Holiday Season

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Deloitte Warns Consumers During Holiday Season

Deloitte wants every online shopper to be vigilant this holiday shopping season and has provided a number of tips in a recent press release. Cyber Criminals are very active during the holiday shopping season so consumers need to be careful when searching for gifts to purchase online.

The advice begins with being careful who you give your credit card information to when online. Monitor your credit card and bank statements to notice fraud early in the process. Keep your login information current and change regularly. And keep your security patches up to date for Windows and Anti-Virus software installed on your home PC.

Other good tips include not using free internet access sites, don’t respond to rogue virus alerts when browsing the web, simply shut down the browser, sign-up for credit monitoring and be cautious when posting information on social networking sites like Facebook as criminals look for clues of vulnerable situations.