IS Magazine Blog Reaches Milestone and Adds Features

MiloHomeLogo Reaches Milestone and Adds Features

Helping shoppers research items online for free and providing local locations to make purchases has helped reach one million users a month. Launching from beta, the website has attracted shoppers from across the country looking for the best price on holiday gifts and wanting to purchase the items locally. The site attempts to take the best features of eBay and Amazon and make it all local so shoppers can see and feel the items before buying.

New Features

New features have recently been added to give users even more search capability. In-Stock searches can be selected to only show items that are in-stock. No more going to the local store to find out they do not have the item. Price alerts are based on a single item at a single store within the users local region. When the item reaches the price you select, you are notified. And finally the Hottest Product List (could have been named by Paris), allows shoppers to browse what others have been searching for.




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