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The Ultimate Steal: Windows 7 and Microsoft Office

Nov 28 2009

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The Ultimate Steal: Windows 7 and Microsoft Office

Currently enrolled students have the opportunity to purchase Microsoft products Windows 7 and MS Office at great low prices. Weather enrolled full-time or part-time you can get these brand new Microsoft software products at lower prices than available anywhere else utilizing the Ultimate Steal program. Windows 7 Professional Upgrade is available for $39.99 while Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 is available for $64.00.

Use your college email account to be eligible for this Ultimate Steal. When you click “Buy Now” from the “additional products” menu on the Ultimate Steal Microsoft page, you will be sent an email with a link to the location you can purchase these two products at great discount prices. This new program is an upgrade to a previous Ultimate Steal program that Microsoft launched prior to the release of Windows 7. Digital downloads are available at the prices listed above while DVDs are available for an additional $13.00 shipping and handling charge.

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